"Sustainability is not a question of ethics, it's one of
physics. When something is unsustainable, it stops.
The way we're consuming is unsustainable. It will
stop. The way it's been has come to the end."
Sourcin' It Second-Hand
We agree. There's LOADS of secondhand stuff even we wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. However, with a little legwork, you can deck yourself head to toe in secondhand style from the best designers in the land for far less.

By choosing charity stores first, our shopping helps them do their work in our communities.




We DON'T like Facebook, BUT
We suspect Mark Zuckerberg might bring down civilization if he doesn't take responsibility for Facebook. (We highly recommend watching The Social Dilemma on Netflix to better understand what social media, like Facebook, is doing to our decision making, our dopamine, our democracy. Go watch. Now.

However, we love Facebook Marketplace and buy nearly everything second hand here. Be kind, friendly and polite with your communications.

You'll have beautiful interactions and get great stuff second hand. We use this for all the household stuff, plants, garden, furniture, clothes etc.


We love ebay.com.au for the best quality second hand clothes.

In Melbourne there is goodbyes.com.au
We reckon it's really expensive, but bloody awesome.

Then there are the internationals like...


With all these options, there is no reason to buy new.