"Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes,
working jobs we hate so we can buy crap we
don't need."
1. DO one thing
For a better future, bigger bank balance, healthier people + happier planet, DO one thing.

  1. Pledge with a friend + buy nothing new together (with the exception of essentials).

  2. Buy something second hand.

  3. Sell (or donate) something second hand.

  4. Really need something? Rent, borrow or buy it second hand.

  5. Fix something instead of replacing. (extend its life + keep it from landfill).

  6. Join your local facebook marketplace or freecycle group. Give, get, swap, or sell something.

  7. Gift giving? give a plant or something second hand (+ explain you're just saving the planet).

  8. Hold a "swap party" at home or work. (Peeps bring something they don’t want + swap for something they do.)

  9. Google the best op-shop or second hand boutique near you + pay a visit.

  10. How did you Buy Nothing New? Share your wins or fails to your socials to help build the movement #buynothingnew #creategreat.